Precision Valley Heritage Trail

This Heritage Trail takes the traveler through portions of Claremont, Cornish and Plainfield, NH and Windsor and Hartland, VT, where precision manufacturing had its birth. The two states are linked by the Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge, arguably the most historic and certainly the most impressive covered bridge in America.

This section of the river valley is particularly interesting: Among the highlights, the industrial heritage of Claremont and Windsor and the cultural importance of the "Cornish Colony" in Cornish and Plainfield. There's lots more as well: meetinghouses and churches, village greens, ancient burying grounds, architectural landmarks, old inns, all enhanced by scenic views of Mt Ascutney, the still-active farm and meadow landscape of the Connecticut River and numerous rural less-traveled roads.

Tips for your tour

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You can "drive" this tour using your keyboard and mouse, or in your car with a printed version of the free 24-page itinerary. Pick one up at a Connecticut River Byway Waypoint Center, or request one from the Connecticut River Joint Commissions, by sending a stamped (63 cents), self-addressed, business-sized envelope to PO Box 1182, Charlestown, NH 03603.