The Connecticut River Joint Commissions work to bring decision-making back home to the people of the Connecticut River Valley. Our five local river subcommittees, composed of over a hundred citizens appointed to represent their riverfront towns, voice the interests of local business, local government, conservation, agriculture, recreation, and riverfront landowners. Their leadership, planning, and expertise are local in nature, but their ideas now range far beyond town boundaries as they advise the array of federal and state agencies, and the CRJC, on river issues.

NEW - Water Resources Chapters for the Connecticut River Management Plan from the five local river subcommittees. Click here for more


To ensure local leadership of river issues, the CRJC established five local river subcommittees in January, 1993, with the specific approval of the NH legislature. The VT legislature also directed its 27 riverfront communities to participate.


The CRJC asked the selectmen of all 53 of the riverfront towns for nominations, and appointed up to two members and several alternates from each town. Over 150 citizens have thus participated in the subcommittees' work.


The strength of these subcommittees lies in the diversity of their membership. NH law requires that they represent local business, local government, agriculture, riverfront landowners, recreation, and conservation interests. There is never a dull moment around the table! The subcommittees are advisory, and have no regulatory authority.


  • provide advice about permit applications for projects that could affect the river
  • advise the CRJC, state and federal agencies on issues of local concern
  • prepare a river corridor management plan for the local segment of the river, and assist their towns and neighbors in adopting its recommendations

The Local River Subcommittees are currently updating their 1997 plan for the river. Click here for the 2005 update of the Recreation chapter.

Click here to access the Summer, 2003 River Valley News summary of actions to date on the Connecticut River Corridor Management Plan.

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