Map 4 ~ Lower Fifteen Mile Falls

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Below Moore Dam, the Connecticut River immediately enters Comerford Reservoir, another eight miles of excellent boating and fine fishing for both trout and bass, all with memorable views of the Presidential Range of the White Mountains to the east. Boaters should watch for canoeists and other small craft. Ski craft may only be used on the impoundments, and must stay 300' from shore, islands, and other boats.

Be alert since water levels rise rapidly as generators come on line, and what was safe water one minute could be too shallow the next. Do not anchor your boat near the base of Moore Dam: should the generators come on line while you are there, the water may rise too fast for you to cut your boat loose.

TransCanada Hydro Northeast maintains several public boat launches and picnic areas on Comerford Reservoir for day use.

Below Comerford, the Connecticut River becomes narrow, the province of canoeists and kayakers again. Paddlers should watch for large rocks in the first two miles below the dam. At the confluence of the Passumpsic River, you can see the remains of ancient flood plain forests on the so-called Nine Islands, whose number actually varies depending on the water level.


Information on current and projected flows at Connecticut River mainstem dams is available through TransCanada Hydro Northeast. The river continues as canoeing water for the most part, except for the pool above Dodge Falls Dam.

Marine Patrol: Toll Free in NH (1-877-642-9700) or 603-293-2037. For the safety of all, please call if you observe illegal or dangerous boating activity.

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