While many people know that the northern Connecticut River belongs almost entirely to the State of New Hampshire, fewer realize that over 40% of the State of Vermont is located in its watershed. Therefore, wise land use practices by Vermonters can do as much or more to protect and improve the Connecticut River than the actions of their New Hampshire neighbors.

Vermont Tributaries

Vermont 's Clean and Clear Action Plan has a useful site for watershed groups dedicated to maintaining, improving and restoring the quality of water in Vermont’s lakes, streams, rivers and ponds. Visit this site to learn more about river issues or to find a watershed group in your area. Visit EPA's "Surf Your Watershed" sites for these Vermont tributaries: (Arranged north to south)

The US Fish & Wildlife Service's Connecticut River Coordinator's office provides detailed maps showing dams and fish passage for ten different Vermont tributary watersheds.

New Hampshire Tributaries

The Connecticut River has been called New Hampshire's "west coast." One third of the State of New Hampshire drains into the Connecticut River through these tributaries. Visit these sites to learn more.(Arranged north to south)