National Designation
for the
Connecticut River Byway

After seeking public opinion, the Connecticut River Byway Council voted in early 2005 to nominate the Connecticut River Byway for designation as a National Scenic Byway. The Federal Highway Administration awarded national designation at a ceremony in Washington, DC on September 22.

America’s Byways, of which the Connecticut River Byway is now a part, is a distinct collection of American roads and treasured places recognized for their scenic, historic, natural, recreational, cultural and archeological qualities. Congress created the National Scenic Byways Program in 1991 to meet widespread demand that the nation’s unique places should be preserved and shared while at the same time promoting tourism and economic development by bringing tourists to rural America and much-needed dollars to small communities.

Click here for a detailed fact sheet that describes the Connecticut River Byway, how it was established and how it is funded. It also lists public comments and concerns that were received at the time the Byway was designated as a state Byway. The last page outlines what it means to be a National Byway.

In November of 2004, the Byway Council, together with the seven regional planning commissions serving communities in the Connecticut River watershed, co-sponsored a series of informational meetings to solicit public input and provide a forum for discussion about the designation and the nomination process. The widely publicized meetings were held at nine different locations along the river in both New Hampshire and Vermont.

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