Where the Great River Rises

Where the Great River Rises

Atlas of the Upper Connecticut River Watershed

An exciting initiative by the Connecticut River Joint Commissions, in partnership with Dartmouth College, to deepen understanding and create a common appreciation for the unique geography and heritage of the watershed. “Where the Great River Rises” was published in 2009.

Purchase your copy of this beautiful and engaging reference book filled with photos, maps and graphics through the publisher, University Press of New England.

Rebecca Brown served as editor for “Where the Great River Rises.”

Contributors include: Jim Andrews, Laurence Becker, Lisa Brooks, Rebecca A. Brown, Charlie Browne, Charles V. Cogbill, David S. Conant, Roger Damon, Jere Daniell, David L. Deen, Brett Engstrom, Richard Ewald, Sarah Flanagan, Sharon F. Francis, Bob Gagliuso, Kevin Geiger, Preston Gilbert, Judy Hayward, Cleve Kapala, Jon Kim, Natalie Koch, Barry Lawson, Ted Levin, Steve Maleski, John Marshall, Donna Roberts Moody, John Moody, Richard Moore, Adair D. Mulligan, Northern Cartographic, Sharon A. Penney, Barbara Ripley, Will Sawyer, Ned Swanberg, Steve Taylor, Nat Tripp, Thomas Villars, W.D. Wetherell, James Wright, and David Wunsch.