The Connecticut River Joint Commissions' annual Partnership Program has enabled Valley residents and organizations to act on their vision of creating a prosperous region that respects its environment, culture, and history. Grants of $500-5,000 support a variety of locally-inspired projects, including those that improve water quality in the Connecticut River watershed of Vermont and New Hampshire. Click on the basin names below to see a list of the projects funded by CRJC's Partnership Program that support Vermont's Clean and Clear Initiative:

Basin 9 - White River (7 projects, $22,000)

Basin 10 - Black and Ottauquechee Rivers (11 projects, $34,450)

Basin 11 - West, Williams, and Saxtons Rivers (13 projects, $46,300)

Basin 13 - Lower Connecticut direct tributaries and Mill Brook (6 projects, $22,700)

Basin 14 - Stevens, Wells, Waits, and Ompompanoosuc Rivers (20 projects, $74,300)

Basin 15 - Passumpsic River (4 projects, $15,300)

Basin 16 - Upper Connecticut tributaries and Nulhegan River (9 projects, $40,500)

(please note that some project grants benefit more than one basin)


More on the Partnership Program

Since the inception of the Partnership Program in 1992, CRJC has disbursed over $1,201,000 to support 399 local projects throughout the Connecticut River watershed. The Partnership has been made possible through support by the VT and NH congressional delegations. This federal seed money has been matched 10:1 by local generosity, even though no match is officially required.