Relicensing of Connecticut River Dams

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CRJC Comments on Study Plan July 15, 2013

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Connecticut River Joint Commissions (CRJC) are engaged in bringing local and regional concerns to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) as they consider the relicensing of five hydropower projects on the Connecticut River:

  • Wilder Dam (Wilder Project No. P-1892)
  • Bellows Falls Dam (Bellows Falls Project No. P-1855)
  • Vernon Dam (Vernon Project No. P-1904)
  • Turners Falls Dam (Turners Falls Project No. 1889), and
  • Northfield Mountain Pumped Storage Project (No. 2485).

Wilder, Bellows Fall and Vernon Dams are located in New Hampshire and Vermont, and the Turners Falls Dam and Northfield Mountain Pumped Storage Project are located in northern Massachusetts. CRJC’s interest lies with all five projects, as even the Masssachusetts projects have an impact on the river in southern Vermont and New Hampshire.

FERC is using an Integrated Licensing Process that will consider all five projects as a group. The relicensing process will take approximately five and a half years following a prescribed schedule, with the new 30 to 40-year licenses expected to be issued by April 30, 2018. Great River Hydro, LLC operates the three projects in New Hampshire and Vermont and FirstLight Hydro Generating Company operates the two projects in Massachusetts.

Connecticut River, Putney, VT

Connecticut River, Putney, VT

CRJC’s  Connecticut River Water Resources Management Plan and Recreation Management Plan, prepared and published by CRJC, articulate several issues and concerns about the impacts that hydropower operations have on the river and make recommendations for studies and improvements in hydropower operations to be considered during relicensing. CRJC is raising those concerns and recommendations as a stakeholder participant in the relicensing process.

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