Headwaters MapThe Headwaters Subcommittee region includes the New Hampshire towns of Pittsburg, Clarksville, Stewartstown, Colebrook, Columbia, Stratford, and Northumberland (Groveton), and the Vermont towns of Canaan (Beecher Falls), Lemington, Bloomfield, Brunswick, and Maidstone. The Headwaters segment runs 80 miles from the river’s source at Fourth Connecticut Lake at the Canadian border in Pittsburg, New Hampshire, south to Northumberland and Maidstone, Vermont.

Meetings: The Headwaters Subcommittee meets quarterly at 7:00 pm at either the Colebrook Town Hall.

Leadership and Staff: Ed Mellett serves as Chair. Nick Altonaga of the North Country Council is the staff consultant.

Pittsburg – John Amey, Alan R. Williams
Clarksville – Alan R. Karg
Stewartstown – Allen Coats
Colebrook –  Kevin McKinnon, Larry Rappaport
Columbia – Kenneth Hastings
Stratford – Jaime Sayen
Northumberland – Ed Mellett
Canaan – Tom Caron
Lemington – vacant
Bloomfield – Denault Routhier
Brunswick – Brendan Whittaker
Maidstone – Louis Lamoreaux

FY 2018 Meeting Minutes:  July 2017; October 2017

FY 2017 Meeting Minutes: September 15, 2016;  April 20, 2017 

2017 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report