Dam Relicensing Work Group

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July 3, 2013 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission
38 Ascutney Store R
Windsor, VT 05089
Christine Walker


11:00 – Report out on the extent and impact of the Connecticut River Joint Commission’s involvement to date, in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission relicensing of the Wilder (P-1892-026), Bellows Falls (P-1855-045), and Vernon (P-1904-073) projects.

11:10 – Review of the Connecticut River Joint Commissions: Connecticut River Corridor Management Plan, Connecticut River Recreation Management Plan and Connecticut River Water Resources Management Plan. In preparation if you would like to and have the time to review these you can find them using the links above. I will summarize at the meeting.

11:20 – Report out on status of other stakeholders involvement, their extent and impact to date in the projects listed above. In preparation if you would like to and have the time to review the Study Request Responsiveness Summary. I will summarize at the meeting.

11:30 – Decisions points:

(We’ll take a couple minutes to determine if these are correct questions to be asked, so be thinking prior to the meeting about what results you want to achieve within this meeting timeframe; they’re not in any specific order, but will help shape a productive conversation)

  • Does CRJC use the Management Plans as a framework for involvement in the FERC relicensing process?
  • Does CRJC partner with other organizations who are already engaged as a way to participate in the process?
  • Does CRJC determine who those partners would be based on alignment with Management Plan objectives?
  • Do we move forward with a letter from CRJC to meet the July 15th deadline?
  • If the Management Plans are used as a framework for involvement, what does involvement look like over the next few years?

12:15 – Document consensus of the group, necessary follow up and schedule next meeting (BRING YOUR CALENDARS).